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Getting There and Around

Generally, if your desired resort knows your arrival time, you will be picked up by the resort's mini-bus. If not, there are many private taxi services (pickups) waiting for new guests. Listen to words like "taxi sir ?". Limousine service is also available at Phuket airport.

Hints: ask for the price before entering any taxi - and bargain!

If you have a clear destination, avoid any discussions or suggestions for "a better hotel". Always the best is to have a pickup service from your hotel. You may also call the hotel from Phuket,  Bangkok or wherever you are now.

By Car
 Take Route 4 from Bangkok to the south. Along the way pass the provinces of Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi, Phetchaburi, Prachuap-Khirikan, and at Chumphon go right to Ranong. From Ranong, go south through Kraburi and Kapoe Districts to Phang-nga Province.
In Phang-nga the road passes through Kuraburi, Takuapa, and Thai Muang Districts before reaching the town of Kok Kloy. Then, cross the Thao Thep Kasattri or Sarasin Bridge to Phuket Island.

The distance is 867 kilometers.
Travel Time from Bangkok: 8 hours
By Sea

The Deep Sea Port (Port of Phuket) at Puket is visited by both cargo and cruise ship from Thailand and from abroad. Contact your travel agent for information about the many different ships that stop at Phuket.
Timetables ferries

By Bus
Both air-conditioned and non air–conditioned buses leave the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok daily at 18:30. The bus ride from Bangkok to Phuket bus Terminal in Phuket town takes 14 hours or more for the nearly 900 kilometers.

The fare is around THB 700 to 800. There are also regular mini-bus trips from Singapore and Penang which are reasonably priced.

Southern Bus Terminal Tel. (02) 4347192, 4345557-8, Phuket Central Company Tel. (02) 4355019, Phuket Travel Tel. (02) 4355018, Phuket Bus Terminal Tel. (076) 211480.
Please use Sawadee's online booking system for hotels in Bangkok.
Timetables buses
By Air
Phuket has an international airport; both regularly schedule and charter flights from around Asia, Australia and Europe.
Phuket Airport: tel. (076) 327 246, 327 144, 327 230 -7

Thai Airways International operates flights to Phuket daily.
The travel time is 1 hour 20 minutes. 
For further information of flight contact : 
Thai Airways International : tel. +66 (02) 280 0060, 280 0070, 628 2000

You can fly to Phuket with Bangkok Airways as well, but it is not a direct flight. Passengers need to transfer at Samui before going to Phuket. Flights take off for Bangkok-Samui-Phuket every morning and afternoon.
Bangkok Airways: tel. +66 (076) 225 033 -5

Timetables Thai Airways
Timetables Bangkok Airways
By train
A sleeper train leaves from Hua Lumphong Railway station in Bangkok to Surat Thani, and then transfer to a bus across to Phuket. This is a equally gruelling journey, though very scenic.

For further information contact Railway station. 
Getting around:
Jeep & Car
You can find several agencies in Phuket town that rent Suzuki jeeps. If you rent for a week or more you can get a little discount. Your best choice in the centre of Phuket town is Pure Car Rent (tel 076 - 211 002) at 75 Th Rasada.
Along Th Rasada between Th Phuket and Th Yaowarat or from varios places at the beaches you can hire motorcycles.

Bigger bikes (over125cc) can be rented at a couple of shops at Patong and Karon.

The cheapest vehicle you can rent is a bicycle.
Tropical Trails (tel/fax 076 - 263 239 offers fully supported half-day and full-day cycle safaris around Phuket as well as on neighbouring Ko Yao Noi. Phuket Mountainbike Club (tel 076-280 116) organises mountainbike tours and rentals for half and full-day journeys as well.
Driving safety tips:
Renting the Vehicle
Most rental companies will hold you responsible for any damages occurring while you are renting the vehicle. Make note on the contract of any dents, scratches or missing parts before you drive off with the vehicle. If you have never ridden a vehicle before, do not hesitate to ask for instruction. Make sure everything on the vehicle is functional. Brake lights and turning signals, low and height beams should working properly.
Wear a helmet
This point of safety cannot be stressed enough. More deaths occur from motorcycle accidents due to head injuries than any other cause. If you do go down on a motorcycle, your head is bound to hit either the road, a rock or another vehicle before any other part of your body. Ask your rental agency for an extra helmet if you plan on having a passenger on the vehicle.
Road Conditions
Riding a vehicle in any unfamiliar environment can be risky.
The shoulder of road i.e. the area to the immediate left of the road can be used as an emergency lane to avoid fast approaching traffic from behind. Be aware that these areas usually consist of loose gravel or sand and is sometimes eroded. Be careful when pulling off the side of the road and on to these shoulder areas. Care must also be taken driving around turns where gravel sometimes falls of construction trucks.
Right of Way
In many countries, any person or vehicle on a road or in a lane has the right of way. Such is not the case in Thailand. Yield at all times to oncoming traffic that may come over into your lane. Yield at all times to traffic coming from behind by moving over as far to the left of the lane as possible allowing plenty of passing room. You may need to, as mentioned before move onto the shoulder of the road. Use your mirrors. When wanting to pass another vehicle, use your horn in a polite manner i.e. a short honk will allow the person in front of you to know where you are. Make sure your high beam lights are off when approaching traffic at night.
General Tips
Keep your eyes on the road ahead, to the right, to the left and behind at all times. Be aware. Watch for people, animals and debris on the road. Should you notice a company driver or hotel limousine service driving recklessly, Make note of the time and hotel name and phone number and call the General Manager to report the incident.
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Thai Airways


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