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Royal ceremonies

These are ceremonies which are organized jointly by the government and the Office of the Royal Household according to tradition which has been passed on through generations.

Coronation Day
This falls on the 5th of May the anniversary of the day His Majesty King Bhumibol ascended to the throne. Usually His Majesty would make merit to monks in the Grand Palace in honor of the deceased monarchs of the Chakri Dynasty.

His Majesty’s Birthday Anniversary
This falls on the 5th of December. It is also considered the Thai National Day

Her Majesty’s Birthday Anniversary
This falls on the 12th of August.
On these auspicious occasion, their Majesties the King and the Queen would make merit according to the royal tradition.
The Thai people always join in the celebration by organizing special events and performances to express their love and gratitude to Their Majesties.

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