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Ceremonies organized by the government

Ploughing Ceremony
This ceremony is intended to demonstrate the significance of the rice farming occupation as well as to boost the morale of farmers all over the country. During the ceremony the Farming Lord, or Phraya Raek Na, will plough a piece of land designated on the Phramane Ground near the Grand Palace to signal the beginning of the ploughing season. He will also offer and assortment of food to the cows used in the ceremony. The choice of food made serves as a basis for the forecast of the amount of rainfalls and the prospect of the rice harvest.
The ceremony, performed now early in May of every year, is not much different from the one performed in the old days.

It is only simplified. The origin of the ceremony certainly is Brahminism.
The Phraya Raek Na at the present time is usually the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture. Those who attend the ceremonies include not only Thai and foreign dignitaries but also farmers, who often try to collect the rice seeds sown on to the field during the ceremony. They believe that these rice seeds are sacred and will bring blessing to their fields if they are mixed with the regular seeds they have themselves prepared for the season.

Celebration of the Constitution Day
The Constitution Day is the 10th of December, which is the anniversary of the day King Rama VII granted the First Constitution of Thailand to his people in 1932


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